Why Control Oil Mist & Smoke in your Shop?

Royal Products recently released this resource highlighting the importance of oil mist and smoke control in machine shops.


  • Reduced Health Risks | Any form of pollution is potentially dangerous to the lungs, larynx, and skin.
  • Reduced Accident Risks | Oil mist creates slippery surfaces which increase accident rates.
  • Reduced Fire Hazards | Oil deposits create a serious fire risk by allowing fired to spread quickly.

Cost Savings

  • Coolant Cost Savings | The Royal Filtermist recycles coolant and returns it to your machine rather than venting it to the atmosphere.
  • Heating & Cooling Cost Savings | The Royal Filtermist returns clean air to the shop instead of exhausting it outdoors.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Cost Savings | Uncontrolled airborne mist and smoke deposits result in more frequent cleaning of exposed surfaces.
  • Fewer A/C Service Calls | The Royal Filtermist helps reduce breakdowns of shop air conditioning equipment by preventing mist from contaminating the intake filters.

Increased Productivity

  • Improved Employee Attendance | A contaminated shop environment often results in higher worker absenteeism and lower morale.
  • Less Machine Downtime | Fouled contacts in electronic equipment cause expensive downtime.
  • Higher Speeds & Feeds | Machining operations can run at higher speeds and feeds without the negative effects of increased mist and smoke protection.
  • Better Lighting | Haze from mist and smoke and grimy buildup on shop lighting fixtures cause even the most well-lit shops to take on a dingy appearance.  Bright, cheerful environments improve employee morale and performance.

Legal Issues

  • Fewer Workmen’s Compensation Claims | The increase in workmen’s compensation rates from one large claim can cost more than an air cleaning system for an entire factory.
  • Government Regulations | The current OSHA and NIOSH limits on airborne oil mist are 5 mg/cubic meter, and this requirement is expected to become even stricter in the future.  The Royal Filtermist exceeds both the current and new proposed limits.

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