Tips to Prevent Lacerations

One of the most common injuries in the workplace are lacerations. Hands and fingers are most likely to suffer lacerations. Check out these great tips from for how to prevent lacerations.

1. Maintain All Cutting Tools
Maintaining the blade of a cutting tool is the most important part to reduce cutting tool lacerations. Check your cutting tools regularly to help reduce related injuries.
2. Provide the proper PPE
The two most important PPE items for laceration prevention are gloves and eye protection. Be sure to provide your employees with the most appropriate gloves for the job. If you need help finding the correct gloves for your application, please contact us. Johnston Industrial has an experienced safety specialist who can help you find the correct PPE items for your team.
3. Provide Safety Training
Provide adequate training for new hires and also refresher training for experienced workers. Doing so will help to prevent common injuries.
4. Promote Safety Awareness
Encourage workers to be aware of their surrounding and work environments. Many common injuries can be prevented by helping employees stay aware of their surroundings.
5. Chose the safest cutting tools
Make sure to use the safest cutting tools available in the workplace. If you need help finding the correct cutting tool for your job, please contact Johnston.