A Grinder and Sander Tip

Grinder and Sander Safety

Grinders and sanders have the ability to be fitted with a variety of attachments and accessories that allow the tool to be used for grinding, sanding, polishing, or cutting-off operations. However the enduser needs to properly guard or shield employees from injury.

Sanders | No Guard Required

A sander using coated abrasives can be used without a guard as long as the manufacturer didn’t furnish a guard in the original package.  Check your invoice and part number for confirmation.  NOTE:  Always start a Random Orbital Sander in contact with the work piece to prevent cupping or dishing as the abrasive makes contact

Grinders | Guard Required

A grinder is shipped with a guard and OSHA requires you to always have your guard in place.  The guard needs to be located between the operator and the wheel so that pieces of an accidentally broken wheel will be deflected away from the operator.  NOTE:  Grinders need to be operated so the wheel is rotating off rather than climbing the substrate.  Sparks should be aimed away from the operator and bystanders.

Always wear eye protection, a dust mask, non skid safety shoes and hard hat or hearing protection when needed.  Refer to the operator’s manual for the specific PPE products needed so you comply with current standards. In addition, inspect the backup or support pad for damage and any possible hazard.


More Information

If you have any questions, please contact us.  Johnston Companies’ safety specialist has multiple years of experience in the Safety and PPE Industry and is QSSP (Qualified Safety Sales Professional) certified.

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