Johnston Pledges $100k to Workshops for Warriors

January 17th-20th Johnston hosted our annual Field Marketing Summit at Big Cedar Lodge located just south of Branson.  This 3-day event brings the Johnston sales and management teams for strategic planning as well as builds and strengthens our relationships. On the afternoon of the 18th, we welcomed two incredible guest speakers from Workshop for Warriors.

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The Birth of Modern Machining and it’s Impact on Johnston Industrial Supply

Johnston Industrial Supply was founded in October of 1968 by George and Patty Johnston.  That same year, John T. Parsons was the first recipient of the Numerical Control Society’s Joseph Marie Jacquard Award, for outstanding technical contributions.  Parsons is known as the “Father of the Numerical Control Machine.”  The invention of the NC machine sparked the second industrial revolution as well as the growth of Johnston.

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Introduction to the Refractive Factor

Written by: Kent Ayers;  Johnston’s Coolant Specialist

Coolant Specialist, Blaser Swisslube, Kent Ayers

Most of Blaser Swisslube’s coolants have a refractive factor of 1, it can sometimes be easy to forget the significant impact a refractive factor can have on overall coolant costs.  Recently, we were challenged by a customer, to explain how a refractive factor works in terms that were easy to understand.

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MFG DAY Infographic: What Manufacturing Really Looks Like

Manufacturing Day, MFG DAY, is an annual event that celebrates opportunities found across manufacturing.  Below is an infographic by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) that shows how manufacturing enables our everyday lives, drives our economy, offers many different rewarding careers and what can happen when communities across the country come together to show the public what manufacturing is.

This year MFG DAY is on Friday, October 7th.  Download the MFG DAY toolkit here if you would like to host an event.

Celebrate MFG DAY

infographic, MFG DAY, manufacturing


Heat Stress 101 from Sqwincher

Sqwincher recently released this resource with important tips to help you remain properly hydrated and avoid heat stress.

Sqwincher’s products are scientifically formulated to provide your body with important minerals that are lost while working.  Sqwincher offers a variety of products including powder mix, liquid concentration, ready-made drink, freeze pops and electrolyte chews.

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