In 1999, the Johnston Integration Technologies Aviation (JITA) division was formed to serve one of our fastest growing niche industries: aviation. This market includes but is not limited to commercial and military airplanes, helicopters, aircraft components and companies conducting light to heavy aerospace maintenance.

Johnston Companies realized that many of the non-flyable products and services required in the aviation market were different than traditional manufacturing. Aerospace facilities demanded a supplier that could provide the unique, industry-specific tools and equipment required with the ability to be flexible to a changing industry.

A service that Johnston Integration Technologies Aviation offers is building, maintaining and replenishing aviation repair and installation kits. Kitting allows you to properly track and store tools. Johnston Integration Technologies Aviation has a Tool Specialist on our team to help customers determine which kits and equipment they need.

The Bottom Line: our experienced professionals at Johnston Integration Technologies Aviation can provide the products and service demanded by the aviation industry.

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