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Managing Tool Control

Tool control address the ongoing challenge of knowing where your tools belong, when your tools are missing, who has the tools, if the user is certified to use the tool he or she is using, if the tool is calibrated, or if the batteries are charged. Tool control begins by monitoring transactions at the point […]

Customizable, Benchtop Vending Solution

The CribMaster X3 System is a customizable, benchtop vending solution that allows secure, à la carte dispensing anywhere in your operation. The X3 System is capable of dispensing small inserts and parts. The flexibility of the system improves workflow by allowing authorized users easy access to their high-use inventory within reach at the point of […]

How to Break-In a New Band-Saw Blade

To assure longer blade life, it is recommended that you first break-in your blade. Because the teeth on a new blade can be razor sharp, it is important to correctly break-in the blade resulting in an extremely small radius on the tip of the blade. Here are a few ways to help break-in a blade.

Cleaning TIG Welds

A very common application in industry is to clean the bluing on stainless steel welds that is caused during TIG welding. The Surfox welding cleaning system is a system that uses a combination of low voltage electricity and a mild electrolytic solution that will clean the bluing from a TIG weld in one pass and […]

Air Gun Safety

Guardair Corporation produced a video highlighting safety tips and recommendations that will help you avoid dangerous air gun conditions in the workplace.  The video covers various OSHA regulations, the importance of chip guarding, and selection of the proper air gun for your application.

How to choose the right cut-resistant Glove

Superior Glove Works recently released this infographic that provides a break-down of the different aspects of cut-resistant gloves.  For greatest cut resistance choose Kevlar Steel or Dyneema Steel.  For greatest Abrasion protection choose Leather, Dyneema or Dyneema Steel.  For greatest grip choose Kevlar steel.  For greatest comfort choose Kevlar or Dyneema and for greatest heat […]

Re-Engineered Cleco Industrial Air Impact Wrenches

Cleco® has introduced its new family of industrial air impact wrenches, engineered specifically for all-day use in applications ranging from general assembly and plant maintenance to shipbuilding and heavy equipment manufacturing. The new product family is available in three series: the CWC Premium Composite Series, the CWM Premium Metal Series and the CV Value-featured Composite […]

Comprehensive MRO Product Guide

Johnston Industrial Supply represents thousands of manufacturers and products. Here is an overview of our MRO product offering. Including Scotch-Weld Epoxy, Bonding Film, Spray Adhesive, Contact Adhesive, Holt Melt Adhesive, and more. Including air hoses, couples, regulators, and more.